What is a Multi Family Office (MFO)?

Britney Slater… |

Here at Clarity, we are glad to serve our clients within the Multi Family Office model. However, many people are curious what exactly a MFO is. The article below, care of FamilyOffice.com, helps explain what we do:

"Individuals and families with assets greater than ($5 million)  may be best served by a multi-family office (MFO) or a financial institution with a dedicated wealth management specialization. Multi-family offices have historically provided high net worth families with comprehensive financial services and confidentiality not available from larger, product-driven financial institutions. Participating families have access to a wide array of integrated services that are not collectively offered anywhere else.

Value added by multi-family offices includes:

  • Financial quarterback supported by specialists in each field
  • Teams of qualified professionals who can collaborate
  • Continuity of service
  • Experience in managing generational transitions
  • Better risk management policies and procedures
  • More comprehensive information systems
  • A tactical, values-based approach to investing, transaction planning and philanthropy"