Do you have a 401k or 403(b) Retirement Plan from a previous employer?

Britney Slater… |

Do you have an old company 401k or 403(b) plan that you haven’t touched since you’ve left your last job?

Did you know that rolling over your old company retirement account could provide you investment opportunities beyond the traditional “bucket” of mutual funds?

A rollover IRA provides the owner the freedom to invest however you would like. And it allows you to use your retirement assets in more creative ways, which include:

  • Real Estate Investments Trusts
  • Stocks & ETF’s
  • Private Equity ventures
  • Managed futures
  • Plus many more options available for investing "outside the box"


Rolling over your old company retirement account is simple and usually requires a phone call, some signatures, and a quick meeting on your goals and objectives with a licensed representative. The Clarity Capital team takes it from there and invests as you see fit.

It’s that simple.

Reach out to us today to get the process started at or 800-805-7526.