Misty Stoddart

Vice President, Wealth Management

Misty serves as Vice President of Wealth Management for Clarity Capital Partners.

Misty was born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas, spent the majority of her adult life in Southern California and has now added Idaho to her journey.  With her southern roots intact, Misty has a passion for helping others create the life they have imagined.  With over two decades of experience in the financial lending sector, specifically in the residential mortgage space, Misty joined Clarity Capital Partners as Vice President, Wealth Management to focus her efforts on helping people protect their hard-earned money. As a fiduciary, she has a strong desire to help thriving families, small business owners, flourishing retirees, and women in transition with their financial goals.  Misty’s biggest passion is helping her clients create a life and legacy they love. Misty anticipates the needs of her clients, provides timely and helpful information for decision making and is eager to provide tailored solutions to their unique financial situation. In her free time, Misty enjoys traveling abroad, exploring and adventuring outdoors, cheering on her 2 kids, and spending time with everyone she calls Family!